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MRI Policies and Procedures

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Policies & Procedures


Medical Records Policy

Release of Medical Records

  • Original films (hard copies) or digital examinations (recorded on CDs) and reports will be released to authorized healthcare providers or the patient only where a medical record release has been requested either verbally or in writing.
  • Authorized healthcare providers include but are not limited to:
  • a. Physicians
  • b. Hospitals
  • c. Workers Compensation Board
  • d. Cancer Control Agency
  • e. Chiropractors
  • f. Midwives
  • g. Physiotherapists
  • Requests for medical records from non- health care providers (e.g. lawyers) will not be released without receipt of a "Request for Access to Personal Information Form¨ signed by the patient for all requested records.
  • Requests from authorized non-healthcare providers, persons or agencies for patient information will be charged as follows:
    a. One report $20
    b. One Report + CD $25
    c. Multiple Reports + CD $50
    d. CD only $25
    e. Medical-Legal Reports per page $140+
  • Requests for medical records accompanied by a signed court order will be released.
  • Please note that all examinations recorded on film are the original and ONLY patient record and are irreplaceable.

Retention of Medical Records

  • Imaging procedures recorded on film, CDs or electronic archive will be retained and accessible for a period of 7 years from the date the procedure was completed.
  • Diagnostic Reports shall be retained for a minimum period of 7 years